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YOWhatsApp 2022 latest version download update (installation tutorial)


YOWhatsApp 2022 latest version download

Nowadays, WhatsApp is used not only by youngsters but also from children to senior citizens, by the way, we are not going to discuss WhatsApp here but a clone application of WhatsApp called YO WhatsApp. 

how to download YO WhatsApp

If you want to learn about YO Whatsapp or want to know how to download YO Whatsapp in your smartphone, then this article will be best for you, so stick around till the end, this article is for you. Let us know how helpful it is by commenting below.

So let's discuss how to download YO WhatsApp and what is YO WhatsApp.

What is YO Whatsapp?

Before knowing how to download YO Whatsapp, let's discuss about YO Whatsapp, what is YO Whatsapp and how it works.

YO WhatsApp was known to come out in 2020 and as soon as it came, it started to be downloaded in large numbers and most people know that a new updated version of YO WhatsApp has arrived.

Another special thing about YO WhatsApp is that it has many powerful features that the original WhatsApp doesn't have, and maybe that's why people are also downloading this clone of WhatsApp.

By the way, friends keep bringing some security updates every year, so people keep supporting YO WhatsApp.

Friends, this YO Whatsapp has many great features but it doesn't have any security features which makes it different from the original WhatsApp.

YO Whatsapp is available on which platforms.

Before we learn about YO WhatsApp, let's discuss which devices YO WhatsApp is available for. Let us tell you that YO WhatsApp is designed for Android devices, but later it will be available for iOS devices as well.

YO WhatsApp is available for Android and iOS devices, but not yet for computers, and that may not happen because it is a clone app.

It works for all types of Android devices, except that your device should be no lower than Android version 4.0, so if you have a recent Android device, download it.

YO WhatsApp requirements.

For those of you who downloaded YO WhatsApp before, let's discuss what to remember when installing YO WhatsApp and how YO WhatsApp controls your phone.

You must have an up-to-date Android/iOS device to install it.

If you have the original WhatsApp, be sure to uninstall it or your original WhatsApp account may be disabled.

If you are installing YO WhatsApp, you will be asked to provide permissions for storage, camera, gallery, files, etc. You must grant all of these permissions before you can turn it on.

  • Content Access
  • Gallery Access
  • Internet Access
  • Phone Locations
  • Camera Access
  • Storage Access

How to download the latest YO WhatsApp (YO Whatsapp)?

We have discussed before that YO Whatsapp is a clone messaging application and since it is not released on playstore and any app store, it is not easy for everyone to download and install but it is YO Whatsapp. available on the official website.

So if you want to download YO whatsapp kaise kare directly from there, but if you want to download YO whatsapp or have already downloaded it to your phone, then wait until the end of this article.

Because, in this article, we provide detailed information about YO Whatsapp, by downloading YO Whatsapp in our phone may be our loss and advantage, then if you like this application, please download YOwhatsapp.

Well, if you insist to download and install GB WhatsApp, then let's discuss how to download YO WhatsApp on your mobile.

Friends, the process of downloading YO WhatsApp is very simple, click on the download button given below to download it, by the way, the process of downloading and installing YO WhatsApp is very simple.

So there will be no problem in installing it, I recently installed it on my smartphone so we think you can easily install it on your phone.

How do I install YO Whatsapp?

We have discussed in detail how to download YO WhatsApp, so now let's discuss how to install YO WhatsApp.

  • Step 1: To install YO Whatsapp, first go to the settings of your phone, here you will see an option through "Security", click on it.
  • Step 2: Please click on the security option, after clicking on the fire under "Unknown Sources" an option will conveniently appear, you must enable the option, but if you have already enabled it, then you can skip this step.
  • Step 3: After that go to your browser and you have downloaded the "apk file" of YO whatsapp.
  • Step 4: After that go to the "Downloads" section of your browser where you will see the YO WhatsApp apk file, click on it and install it.

How do I update YO Whatsapp?

Friends, you must know more about how to download and install YO WhatsApp, so now let's discuss how to update YO WhatsApp.

If you have enabled YO WhatsApp notifications and there will be the latest version of YO WhatsApp, you will receive a new update message from YO WhatsApp and then you can update it.

Let us tell you about the two ways YO WhatsApp can be updated, which we will discuss here.

We know YO WhatsApp is a clone app so it won't be available for lunch in the Google Play store and any other app store so you can't update it directly, but you can download it in YO WhatsApp's settings you can go ahead and update it.

If you want to update it directly from YO WhatsApp's settings then tap on the settings given on YO WhatsApp and scroll down and there will be an update option at the bottom if the latest update is available.

By the way, if you are not able to update it through the settings then you can download and install the latest version of YO WhatsApp from its official website.

We hope that from now on you will be able to update YO WhatsApp comfortably, but if you still face any problems updating it then make sure to talk to us via comments and we will be able to update it easily. Will help you.

Yo WhatsApp APK Download Official

YoWhatsApp Key Features

As well as having some of the features mentioned above, YoWhatsapp also has some key features - the best ones. To find the best features of YoWhatsapp, you need to click on the 3 dots in the top right corner. You can get a feel for the various latest features.

Yo WhatsApp APK Download Official

YoWhatsApp privacy features

  • Hide last seen (last seen)
  • Disable resume messages
  • Ability to select contacts that are available for voice calls
  • Hide your name in their status when already seen
  • Disable deleted messages
  • Disable deletion status
  • Show blue tick mark after replying to a message
  • Remove blue tick mark, blue microphone, tick mark 2, typing, recording and BC
  • YoWhatsApp customisation features
  • General customization such as overall style and colours
  • Floating action buttons
  • Home page including colours and styles in the home section
  • Chat screen includes only the colours and styles of the chat screen
  • Other YoWhatsApp features
  • Save, load, download, restore and reset themes
  • Clear existing logs on YoWhatsapp
  • Send a large number of images with a resolution of 18 MB
  • Send files of up to 10 images
  • Video upload limit up to 700 MB
  • Proximity sensor activated
  • Turn off speaker toggle when playing videos
  • Lock YoWhatsapp with various types of security
  • Restore and backup on YoWhatsapp
  • Hide Whatsapp media from the gallery
  • There are many sticker features
  • Reply to group chats privately
  • Change chat background without opening the chat room
  • Change the contrast of chat messages without opening the chat room
  • One plus font
  • Share up to 100 images at a time
  • Ability to set background images and backgrounds
  • Choose which contacts you can call
  • 7 new icons have been added
  • Presence of white navigation
  • Change the photo of the contact in the bubble
  • Physical icons
  • Unicode 9 emoji
  • New call icons
  • All features in the original version of WhatsApp
  • Ability to share HQ pictures
  • Hide profile picture

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

How can I remove Fouad WhatsApp and get back to the normal WhatsApp without losing data?

How to do this is simple. Just open Fouad Whatsapp and navigate to Settings > Chat History > Backup Chat History. Once the backup is complete, delete the Fouad Whatsapp app. Go to File Manager and create a folder named Fouad Whatsapp.

Fouad WhatsApp and get back to the normal WhatsApp without losing data

Click here to Fouad Whatsapp update latest version from official website

Open that folder and you will see that each subfolder has the prefix FOUAD in its name. Rename every folder and remove prefix of Fouad from them. After that install original WhatsApp application and fill up your phone no. Click on restore. And your all chats and media will be restored as previous.

By the way, check that the internet link is properly linked, otherwise the program will not work.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 Flash File/Firmware/Rom Free Download

It would break my heart if anyone doesn't know about! is the most comfortable Firmware dowmload website I've ever used. Recently website released more and more model of Firmware. fixes the bugs of the previous for Firmware users and adds a lot of great features. You can enjoy the ability of no advertising, hide your personal information, send large files and much more. Only what you can't think of, nothing it can't do!

Are you Motorola users? If  you are then you are in the right place. Toady I want post Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 Flash File,Firmware,Rom for you guys!

Click the Below Link to Free Download the Latest Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 Flash File,Firmware,Rom

Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 Flash File/Firmware/Rom Free Download

After Flashing it in your device and you will enjoy a Smoother Android device experience.

Before you downloading the Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 Flash File, Please confirm your device is Xiaomi Redmi 5 , if it is not , you can search the stock firmware which bricks you device in our website.

The Advantages of the Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 Flash File:

  • Reverting the device back to stock.
  • Updating the device to latest android version
  • Fixing boot loop issues on your device.
  • Improving your software performance
  • Fixing Stutter on your device

Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 Flash Note:

1.Before downloading, Must make sure take a backup of Your ROM and Personal data as it will Deleted after flashing the stock firmware.

2. Please confirm Your Phone Have at least 40-50% Charge when flashing your device.


[*] Disclaimer: Firmware flashing is a tedious process and should be carried out only if you have enough knowledge. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your device.

[*] If you have any problem when using the  Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 Flash File/Firmware/Rom, or can not find the device model what you want, Please contact us via Contact Us page, and we will make a response as soon as possible.

💯 How To Flash Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-07 :

  1. Download and unzip the firmware package on your computer.
  2. You will get Firmware, Flash Tool, and Driver after unzipping the firmware package.
  3. Then install the Driver on PC 
  4. Open the Flash Tool and Load the Firmware.
  5. Connect your Motorola XT1710-07 device to your computer.
  6. Click on the ” Flash ” button to begin the flashing process.
  7. Then follow the instruction, it will guide you to finish the flashing process. 
  8. After finishing, disconnect the device and restart it.

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